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Easy Ways To Make Money On The Internet For Newbies

I'VE been mulling over the different ways an internet newbie and computer idiot like me can learn to make money on the internet.

True, it was Super Affiliate Ewen Chia's Autopilot Profits System that first fired up my interest and got me started on my quest to learn how to make money on the internet. I've set up my first "online cash machine" - a couple of blogs and I've signed up for a few affiliate products.

So, am I on the right track to making money on the internet??

I took a step back, explored the options and saw that there were two quick and easy ways for newbies to set up their first online cash machine.

Let's start with the quickest and easiest.

Make Money from Google Adsense & Amazon

The steps are easy for a newbie:

  • Set up a blog on a target market which is of interest to you.

    If you're a newbie, it is wise to write a blog about something which you know fairly well or passionate enough not to mind researching and writing about it.

    Remember you will be writing quite a lot to keep your blog current and constantly googled. Imagine the stress and anxiety of having to write something you have no interest in almost every day! The other alternative is to hire a web content writer.

    You can set up a blog free-of-charge with Blogger or Word Press for a fuss-free start to making money on the internet

  • Sign up for a Google AdSense and an Amazon Account.

  • Display Google Ads and advertise Amazon products on your blogs.

    You start making money on the internet when visitors click on the Google Ads or buy an Amazon book. First, sign up with Google Adsense and Amazon. Second, copy the html code of the Google Ads and insert them inside your blog post, side bar or anywhere on the page. Similarly, Amazon will generate html codes of products you've selected. Copy and Paste the html code onto your blog.

  • Keep your blog's content current by uploading a post every day or at least three times a week.

  • Make sure you write unique, interesting, quality content.

    The easiest way for a newbie to start is blogging about their own experiences of starting an internet business, hobbies or expertise. People love to hear stories, read reviews, and recommendations.

    Avoid duplicating content without permission. Or, risk getting into copyright trouble.

  • Tell your mom, dad, friends, and the world about your blog. Create backlinks to your blog on your Facebook, MySpace profile.

Your Online Cash Register Rings Only When ...

visitors to your blog start doing two things:

  • Click on the Google Ads

  • Order an Amazon Product displayed on your blog

You Get Extra Bonus From Banner Advertising Only When

your blog generates consistently high traffic.

Advertisers are then willing to pay you a fee for displaying their ads on your blog.

That's a triple bonus.

Because you are now making money on the internet from Google Adsense, Amazon and Banner Advertising!

Sounds Simple?

It may be the easiest way to set up your newbie online cash machine, but before it can start making money online for you, you need to generate traffic to your blog.

The next step is to start building a popular blog which draws a ton of visitor traffic. If your blog draws only a trickle of online visitors every day, your Google Ads are not going to get a lot of eyeballs or clicks.

Writing keyword-and content-rich blog that is targeted at a specific market is one way to drive increasingly more traffic to your blog.

And a keyword-rich blog pulls relevant Google Ads to your site.

What About Earnings' Potential?

Anywhere from $1 to $5,000 a month from Google Adsense and Amazon.

Don't you think $200 a month is good decent money to buy the little extras you want (not need)?

Now, if you are serious about turning Google Adsense into a money-making machine, check out this resource book: The AdSense Code: What Google Never Told You About Making Money with AdSense

Be An Affiliate

An Affiliate (also known as Affiliate Publisher/Reseller) is one who promotes and sells another person's product. You don't own the product. You become the direct sales force of the person who produces the Affiliate product. It's not MLM because you don't have downlines though some affiliate products are packaged almost like an MLM.

Now, you use your blog to promote Affiliate products by way of a product review or pointing to the pre-sell affiliate page in the text of your blog.

Most of the time, you do earn a very good commission (that's your 'sales reward'), anywhere between 50% to 75%, for selling every product.

The most popular affiliate brokers ("middlemen"):

  • ClickBank - if you plan to promote digital, downloadable products like e-books.

  • Commission Junction - if you plan to promote both physical and downloadable products

These two affiliate product brokers have proven track records and reliable payout systems.

Becoming an Affiliate is the second easiest way to make money on the internet. You still need to do a bit more work because you have to look for suitable affiliate products that are in demand and in the niche you're targeting at in your blog.

However, you do not need to write ad copy, produce promotional banners, etc. It is in the interest of the Affiliate Merchant to give you all the marketing tools you need to produce his or her product.

What you need to do is to showcase the affiliate product on your blog by way of reference or review. You can sell as many affiliate products as you want on your blog.

Whether you're promoting Google Adsense, Amazon or any affiliate product, the key to success is the same: Visitor traffic, Quality Content. The guiding principle is: lousy content, no traffic; no traffic, no sales, no cash online.

I highly recommend this book for anyone who wants to know how to profit more from Affiliate Marketing. It's The Complete Guide to Affiliate Marketing on the Web: How to Use and Profit from Affiliate Marketing Programs

It's a smart move for an internet newbie to focus his or beginning efforts on these two steps:

  • Building a content- and keyword-rich quality blog (or website)

  • Finding ways to bring in lots of visitor traffic

Will these two steps make you very rich like the millionaire internet marketers who drive fancy cars and work at home on their Apple laptops sitting by their home swimming pools?

After days of mulling over dozens of free reports - my answer is no, not yet.

To achieve extraordinary wealth and success like the internet marketing gurus, becoming an affiliate of many products or displaying Google Adsense and Amazon Ads on your blog is simply not enough.

Having a content- and keyword-rich blog and high visitor traffic are neccessary but they do not complete the picture-perfect success of an internet millionaire.

So, What's the secret?

There is no secret.

I've got it figured out.

You need to do the third step well, no, very well.

Create a fan club.

No, I'm not kidding.

In my non-geek speak, it means this:

  • Create your own customer base and know how to keep in touch with your customers.

  • Create your own list of potential customers and keep them interested in what you offer.

Yes, just like any successful brick and mortar business.

If you're a newbie and in a hurry to start making some extra money fast online, the first two steps - the easy, lazy, fuss-free way - are good enough. And really, why not? But if you have BIG dreams, do the third step, very, very well.

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