Monday, June 16, 2008

Free Affiliate Link Cloaker To Stop Commissions' Hijack

HOW to hide affiliate links and prevent unscrupulous people stealing your affiliate commissions is a mind-boggling problem for newbie internet marketers. Common solutions: 1) Manually hide affiliate links with a script such as a PHP or Frame Redirect; 2) Buy a url cloaking software; 3) Find a free affiliate link cloaker.

If you're an internet newbie with limited budget and limited IT skills, a free affiliate link cloaker that does link cloaking automatically makes a quick and attractive solution.

Affiliate marketing identity theft happens when someone deliberately removes and replaces your affiliate ID with their own affiliate IDs. Leaving your raw, unprotected affiliate IDs exposed on the address bar of the browser makes your webpage vulnerable to affiliate pirates. In short, you lose affiliate commissions.

I've been scouring the internet for ways to hide affiliate links. I found this new and free affiliate link cloaker - ViralURL.

ViralURL - FREE Affiliate Link Cloaker

ViralURL not only hides your affiliate url links and affiliate IDs on the address bar of the browser, but also earns you extra money as well.

Here is an example of how a free affiliate link cloaker like ViralURL works:

Original Affiliate Link


New Affiliate Link cloaked by ViralURL

("recommends" is the name of your ViraURL folder. You can input any name and ViraUrl will check if the name is available in its users' network)

Your original affiliate url link and ID are not displayed in the source page or on the address bar.

Is ViralURL Limited To Only Affiliate Link Protection?


ViralURL is also a free viral advertising or viral marketing tool. Going viral is how some internet marketers increase their online earnings exponentially.

The Pros of Using ViralURL As Affiliate Link Cloaker

  • Hide Affiliate Links (including urls on address bar) at no cost for free membership (upgraded membership with additional features available)

  • Advertise Your Own Products to Other ViralURL members and vice versa

  • Build Mailing Lists

  • You add someone to your mailing list every time someone signs up through your viral bar on your cloaked affiliate link.

  • Track Statistics

  • You know how many visitors, what day they visited and where they are coming from.

  • Earn Extra Ad Credits

  • Build A Downline and Start Earning Money
  • (*you can choose not to build a downline if you wish, but if you do find the free affiliate link cloaker tool so helpful, won't you want to promote it?)

Join ViralURL for FREE and use their simple affiliate link cloaker and ad tracker.

Upgraded membership is available but not necessary to use the free affiliate link cloaker and ad tracker.

Upgraded Members (Silver, Gold or Platinum) enjoy all or some of these benefits:

  • Additional 2,000 Banner and 2,000 Viralbar Advertising Credits
  • Access up to 30,000 Members on the Mailing List Every Month
  • Higher Referral Commissions
  • Customized Ads ... and more.

Whether you choose the free affiliate link cloaker or upgrade for additional advertising credits and extra bonuses, ViralURL offers an immediate, practical solution to affiliate marketing identity theft.

The Downside

The downside is: ViralURL users with free memberships receive daily email offers from other ViralURL members. About 10 to 17 a day.

You can opt out of the mailing list only when you upgrade to a paid membership. If you're bothered by unsolicited emails, you can easily divert the "problem" by setting up a new email account specifically for this. You have the choice to either read, ignore or delete these email offers.

Alternatively, treat these emails as research material. See how seasoned affiliate marketers run their email campaigns and discover product trends from what's being promoted. As a newbie, it's one way to learn about the internet business and it's free.

Whichever method you choose - a paid or free affiliate link cloaker - it's absolutely essential to to protect your affiliate commissions with an effective affiliate link cloaker.

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ViralURL - a FREE Affiliate Link Cloaker for Internet Newbies


ViralURL was launched in Dec 2007. GRAB Your Free Affiliate Link Cloaker NOW while membership is still FREE.


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